Jake Gyllenhaal Continues To Look Handsome While Dining Out With Maggie Gyllenhaal And His Beard

What A Hottie!
Jake rocks the rugged looking while posing for VMan.
Whenever I see Hollywood celebrities making time for each other even with their busy schedules, I get the warm fuzzies.

Jake Gyllenhaal and his lovely sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, enjoyed a nice dinner together last night (April 17) while out in Santa Monica, California.

Let’s all collectively take a moment to admire that gorgeous man.

I’m really appreciating the slicked back hairstyle he has. Not many men can successfully pull that off. The ones who do are fortunate and usually the most handsome. It looks like he has taken a few inches off of his hair having filming Everest.

After Maggie commented on her brother’s great cooking, it’s almost surprising to see them out at a restaurant. Perhaps he wanted to take a break from the kitchen.

Not only does his sister adore him, but another man also expressed his admiration for the actor. Curious about who it was? Check out the Mo’Lympics below starring Billy Eichner and a special guest.

When you’re done with that – or before, whichever tickles your fancy – launch our gallery to check out more from the cute siblings!