Jake Gyllenhaal Wants A Girl Who Makes Him Feel ‘Comfortable’

Jake Gyllenhaal has been the dating king lately, keeping fans on their toes on who he’ll be swooning next. Recently, Jake talked to In Touch about what he needs for a relationship to work out.

“It is just important for me that I can feel comfortable with a woman instantly,”  Gyllenhaal said.

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Seen here, Jake Gyllenhaal was seen making his way into a salon in Studio City, California to keep his newest buzz cut hairdo in tact and fresh on May 27th. Jake also said that his family is super nosy about his relationships, but that he loves them anyway. People that claim they are too busy for love? Jake tells them to get over it!

“Sometimes my mom and my sister can be a bit annoying. We are just a family, that’s enough,” Gyllenhaal explains, “I think everybody has the time to fall in love when they’re doing anything. I think there’s always some time for that.”