Jake Gyllenhaal Cleans Up The Beard, Sports Earth Tones [PHOTOS]

Shirtless Jake
35 shirtless photos of Jake Gyllenhaal.
Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is seen here during the first day of filming on the set of An Enemy in Toronto, Canada today. The actor cleaned up his bushy beard for the role.

The actor stars as “a dysfunctional history teacher (hence the drab wardrobe) who accidentally discovers his exact double on a rented DVD, seeks him out and ends up turning both of their lives upside down.”

While filming End of Watch, in which Jake portrays an LAPD officer, he managed to dupe a few cops into thinking he was part of the force while on the set.

Ayer explained, “Cops in L.A. will do a hand sign with four fingers to say ‘everything’s good.’ Jake threw a ‘code four’ at some LAPD cops rolling by and they threw a ‘Code Four’ back. I don’t think they had any idea it was Jake Gyllenhaal!”