Jake Gyllenhaal Charms The Tie Off Jimmy Kimmel

If you were on the fence about Jake Gyllenhaal, then I suggest you watch our clips from his appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  The Source Code star had me in stitches.  Stitches, I tell you!  Moments after coming on stage, he gave Kimmel grief for wearing an enormously fug tie that could double as a cape.  After a commercial break, we can back to find half of the tie missing (a blessing).

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I most certainly do not do Gyllenhaal’s stories justice, but I’ll give you a Sparknotes version before you jump to the videos.  The first is a great one about the time he brought his best friend to the BAFTA awards in London (Gyllenhaal scored a Best Supporting Actor nod for Brokeback Mountain).  Gyllenhaal also told Kimmel about his mother’s hell-or-high-water mission to get him a Banksy for his 30th birthday.  I never realized how great a storyteller Gyllenhaal is, but I was giggling like a school girl the entire time.

Source Code opens April 1st.

Watch Jake Gyllenhaal on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the jump.