Jake Gyllenhaal: 2011 Golden Globe Awards

Newly single and just as hot Jake Gyllenhaal took to the 2011 Golden Globe Awards red carpet with poised perfection, not even batting a lash at the recent news regarding his break up with singing sorrow Taylor Swift. After all, rumor has it that he was the dumper per Swift’s diary – kidding!

Like all Golden Globe red carpet men, Gyllenhaal looks polished in his tuxedo and I’m beginning to think the only way to really tell them apart is to look at the label on the inside of their jackets. In this case, Gyllenhaal’s would read Burberry… or “made in Heaven.” Either or, it’s really a toss up.

Gyllenhaal and co-star Anne Hathaway both received Golden Globe nominations for their roles in Love and Other Drugs.

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