Jakarta Fashions Are Terribly Unfashionable

November 10th, 2010 // 8 Comments

Jakarta Fashion Week surely left me with stank face. I mean, look at those photos and tell me you see one outfit that is chic, cool, cute or even cutting edge. They look like leftover fabrics sewn together. And bones.

Maybe it’s just a difference in culture, but those fashions were anything but. Actually, they will probably be worn by Ke$ha on her new tour.

I much prefer the China Fashion Week.

By Justin Thompson

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    Women UGG
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    I like this photo.she looks like a fairy.Women UGG

  2. STB

    I’m Indonesian and live in NYC, and the photos that you have right here were captured during the fashion show of one of the most talented and respected designers who specializes in culture and ethnic of Indonesia’s own… When you don’t acknowledge other country’s cultures better don’t make such a douche-bag headline. Fashions don’t have to be in Hollywood’s style

  3. SP

    I agree with the previous poster. The comments and headline show your ignorance and inability to appreciate other cultures that may be different than your own. Personally, I think the fabrics and designs are beautiful and exotic and a lot more interesting than the bland stuff that we see from Hollywood designers.

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    david yurman
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    omigosh, is this site name “socilite”? as in “no brain somebody give me a lite?” I bet you call John Paul Gautier Haute Couture ridiculous ? Jakarta Fashion week is not RTW but Haute Couture, a so call dying art is not that dying in Jakarta

    im sorry if Jakarta Fashion are not for people like Paris Hilton whose been to Jail and to make another blue film, we can never imagine seeing Paris in one of these nor imagining you have any taste in fashion

  6. Ayu

    Im indonesian also and live in FL. I think whoever wrote the headlines is terribly ignorance and shallow. Honey, better do alot of traveling and research before u write a headline.
    You just making a fool outta yourself.
    And Justin, no offense. You need alot of schooling to do before u can even reply to anything.

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