Jaime Pressly Gives Birth To Unfortunately-Named Baby

May 11th, 2007 // 4 Comments


Jaime Pressly gave birth to a baby boy . Named “Desi”. Uh, we don’t like to make fun of the kids here at ASL but “ugh”. This is the reason why you never tell anyone your baby name. Like if a friend or their mate is pregnant, they should never under any circumstances tell you their baby name. Because inevitably some tool will be like “oh.” And then it’s just ruined before the kid is even out. This rule does have a loophole – you are absolutely allowed to tell the Hunts that they should never name their kid “Mike”. Think about it.

My Name is Earl star Jaime Pressly and her deejay fiancé, Eric Cubiche, welcomed a baby boy, Dezi James, on Friday, her rep tells PEOPLE.

The Emmy-nominated actress, 29, who also designs the clothing line J’aime, told PEOPLE the name is part of a running joke – the Cuban-American Cubiche, 33, does a Desi Arnaz impersonation, calling Pressly “Luuucy” when he comes home at night. James is her father’s name.

Ok, I retract the “ugh”. There’s a cute story behind it. Ok, I don’t know if “cute” qualifies but they’re not cracking around like Pete and Kate so they get a pass for their corny love and corny baby name.

By J. Harvey

  1. persistent cat

    You don’t name your kids after an inside joke. Think about the child. It’s just cruel.

  2. Elaine

    Perhaps I shouldn’t be interjecting a comment here, but I think I like the name Dezi. Well, let me clarify. I like the name Dezi if their kid turns out to be sexy. Then, its super hot. I have a friend named Dez and he’s incredibly good looking. Its never crossed my mind to make fun of his name, only think its a fantastic.

    As for his name being an inside joke…honestly, think about it. Kids their age won’t know shit about I Love Lucy. Their dad will come home and say “Luuuucy, I’m hoooome” and their kids will say “God, I hate you. I wish I was never born. You are such tools.” Has anyone watched Nick At Night recently? It isn’t the stuff we used to watch on that channel anymore. Now, they show Full House and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Its depressing. I feel old.

  3. courtney

    i like desi! it’s not too unusual (cough cough pilot inspektor) and it’s not too common. the name has history, meaning. good for them. congratulations!

  4. Lina

    Elaine… look at the kid’s dad. He’s got a face like a horny fan who’s crawled out of his mother’s basement to get his photo taken with Jaime Pressly. It would take a miraculous win of the genetic lottery (or a broken condom with the poolboy) for this kid to turn out hot.

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