Jaime Pressly Dishes On Split From Fiance And Motherhood

Jamie Pressly is taking the high road when it come to discussing ex-fiance Eric Cubiche, who she split from after giving birth to their 23-month-old son Dezi James in 2007.

The actress tells Redbook that Cubiche’s new role as “a traveling deejay” lead to them
leading two separate lives.  “When you’re with somebody for a long time
or have a child with someone, you start to expect them to be this
person you had in mind,” she said.  “Sometimes it just doesn’t work.”

a fan of subscribing to the status quo, Jamie shuns the
“single mom” label – even though she has full custody of baby Dezi. “When
he’s in town, Eric comes and sees Dezi every day,” she insists.  “Eric’s
very much a part of his life; he’s a great father.”

Geez, could this woman be any kinder?  She’d never make it into the first wives club. But Jaime’s application for the next dude kinda spells out what she won’t say about the ex (he’s a douche).  

“I’d like to be with somebody who isn’t afraid to take care
of me – whether they have the same financial means as me or not,” she
says. “What’s important is that they realize there are other ways of
taking care of me, like cooking me
dinner or going to the grocery store or picking up after yourself.”

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