Jaden Smith’s ‘Karate Kid’ Is A Hit

Watch out Will Smith, your adorable son Jaden Smith is about to drop-kick you out of the spotlight!

Little Jaden, who stole all of our hearts in The Pursuit of Happyness stars in the remake of The Karate Kid and is already getting some major buzz about his acting skills and professionalism. And all at 12 years old! It looks like not only does Jaden want to follow in Dad’s footsteps, but surpass them.

He made months worth of commitment to learning kung-fu and training as well as filming in China, where his close-knit parents came along as producers. 
“What I did get to see was pretty cool,” he said of the move. “I got to run on the Great Wall.”

His co-star Jackie Chan was much impressed (the two are pictured together yesterday at
The Karate Kid” street festival and screening yesterday iin Chicago, Illinois). “It was very fun to work with him,” the movie star said. “He taught everyone things.”

On top of that, the 12-year-old just won the 2010 ShoWest Breakthrough Male Star of the Year for the role.