Jacqueline Laurita Leaving ‘RHONJ’

I’ll try not to lose sleep over this one.

Jacqueline Laurita, one of the Real fashion disasters Housewives of New Jersey has decided to break contract and leave the show after four seasons. But of course it’s not a wrap party without a little Housewife celebration at Melissa Gorga’s party in NYC over the weekend to celebrate her earbleeding single “On Display.”

Photos: Jacqueline Looks Pretty At Gala With Jennifer Lopez

Jacqueline will one of the few housewives in Housewives history that has left voluntarily from the show so she can start living a normal life again, with husband Chris and daughter Ashley (who will likely be cut from the fourth and fifth seasons anyway).

Bravo has not given comment as to whether they will allow Jacqueline to freely break contract, but the company seems a bit occupied in their dealings with RHOBH’s deceased husband, Russell Armstrong, who committed suicide last week.