Jackson “Gave Alcohol To Victim”

MjtrialwatchThe sister of the alleged victim claims that Michael was passing out the Jesus Juice to her brother.

The sister of Michael Jackson’s young accuser told jurors at his sex abuse trial on Thursday she once stumbled on the pop star serving wine to her brother and two other young boys in a secret cellar at his Neverland Valley Ranch.

“Me and my brother are very close and this all just felt like he didn’t want to talk to me, he didn’t want to be near me, he was distant,” she said. “It felt weird. I just knew something.”

She found Jackson in a wine cellar, pouring wine into cups for himself, her brothers and another boy, the son of a Jackson aide. The self-styled “King of Pop” gave her wine too, the girl said, which she did not finish.

On another occasion, the girl said, she followed her brothers and found them laying with Jackson on his bed, watching a movie. Empty alcohol bottles and glasses sat on a nightstand, desk and elsewhere.

On the flight back to Neverland, the sister said, she watched as Jackson and her brother whispered and passed a Diet Coke can back and forth. The entertainer then gave him his watch and glittery black jacket. [via Reuters]

Eww. Eww. Eww. Glittery black jackets are so ’80’s.