Jackson Rathbone Glows Of Happiness Beside His New Family [PHOTOS]

Babies? Please!
The couple was just babysitting, but can you just imagine?!?!
Jackson Rathbone, also known as vampire “Jasper,” in the cult-like series, Twilight, was spotted having a fun-filled day in sunny L.A. with his newborn baby boy and girlfriend. While Mr. Edward Cullen certainly burns in flames in the daylight, the only fire we could observe was the heated love between a father and son.

In preparation for this year’s VMA Red Carpet, Jackson decided to take time to celebrate parenthood by taking a stroll with his girlfriend Sheila Hafsadi. They welcomed baby Roe to the family on July 5th. Ever since then, Jackson has been more then excited to show off his adorable baby to anyone and everyone.

While juggling the responsibilities of parenthood, he admits Twilight will be more than a jumping off point to his career. “I’m going to take some time to go to Texas and do some writing. I’m going to hole myself up and produce more as opposed to acting,” he says to interviewees.