Jackson Family Imploding! Is Greed Behind All The Chaos?

July 25th, 2012 // 2 Comments
The Jacksons family

There seems to be more and more drama surrounding the Jackson Family. Besides all the rumors and questionable activity surrounding Michael Jackson’s death and now the validity of his will, there is now an enormous amount of drama within the family, especially between the kids, Paris, Blanket, and Prince, and MJ’s siblings.

The rumor is that all of the hostility and arguing has come down to one thing, money. Certain individuals where left of out of the late Michael Jackson’s will and they are now claiming that the will is fake and cannot have possibly have been signed when it says it was. Their greed and anger over being left out of the will and not receiving any money is leading certain family members to act wildly inappropriate. 

There had been reports that Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, had gone missing and according to all of the tweets from her grandchildren her location was definitely unknown. Randy Jackson on the other hand went on record claiming that Katherine was fine and was simply relaxing. More drama ensued when the authorities where called to the Jackson residence. According to sources, there was a physical altercation between the Jackson family members, in which certain members of the Jackson family went to try and take the children’s electronic devices so they could limit their interaction with the outside world and media.

The real predicament is that with their grandmother missing for over nine days now they need someone to look after them. For the time being Trent Jackson has been taking care of them and has been granted temporary custody. He has the children’s best interest in mind and is trying to do what is best for them. Only time will tell how much turmoil and chaos the Jackson family will be able to handle moving forward.

By Kenna Crouse

  1. candle westmoreland

    I heard it said once that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. This world has become so greedy and evil that it a nasty place to be much of the time. I sincerely hope Michael’s children will not turn out to be greedy and nasty because their father was such a nice man.

    • Richard Polich

      Such a nice man that he deliberately left his brothers out of his will. This was INTENTIONAL and that they DESERVED to be left out. All of their after-the-fact accusations that the will is a fake and their lame custody grab of Jackson’s WHITE children show what this trash family is really about. By the way, Michael was hardly a NICE man giving “Jesus Juice” to young boys to make them Sandusky easy. As for Janice and her bitch slap, she deserved the retort and counter slap from young Paris. What a family of f…. ups!

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