Jacko’s Career Is Officially Over!

Eww, eww, eww! I guess old habits die hard, huh? This is the final nail in the coffin for the career of Michael Jackson. Yes I know, innocent until proven guilty. In Michael’s case however, he’s already been convicted by the majority of the sane public. If he is innocent (I’m hysterically laughing right now), he needs to reassess the types of activites he holds at Neverland Ranch, i.e. having young boys over.

Ironcially Jackson’s new single is titled “One More Chance.” You got off once (pun intended), and you blew it (pun intended – although oral copulation of a child under 14 is not one of the charges in the new case). Accused child pornographer R Kelly, penned “One More Chance”. Maybe they got a chance to exchange some tips with each other, regarding the proper ways to sexually exploit and corrupt minors.

If Michael had any brains in the first place, he would have never worked with R Kelly. That’s really beside the point though. We’re dealing with an out of control freak show, who’s got some unresolved issues.

Also, what even semi-intelligent adult would let their children visit Jacko at the Neverland Ranch without being present themselves? Memo to parents of young boys: DON’T LET YOUR CHILDREN PLAY WITH MICHAEL JACKSON!

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