Jack White’s Take On Coca-Cola

April 19th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Typically surreal and catchy at the same time.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. d.c.

    Was the bored off-key song about coke cola or the whole commerical retarded by lame product placement from a brain-dead, clueless choreographer stupid? I chose both.

  2. well,I feel a whole lot better about this opposed to that monstrosity that was playing for the last 2 summers (I only saw it in theaters as I don’t watch TV)… tired crew on the roof, non-rapper trying hard to rap – that was absolute trash… this is refreshing

  3. NotOkay

    Very creepy. That whole nostolgia theme is tired.

  4. td

    very rad, it’s nice to see artistic style in commercials instead of just selling a product.

  5. Me

    Isn’t coke in violation of the enviroment and people in South America? The Video is like looking into a view master, remember those?

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