Jack White Marries Model In a Canoe

June 3rd, 2005 // 6 Comments

Yes, the canoe was in the Amazon river in Brazil, but still. It’s always interesting when celebrities who marry right after the last person they were dating marries. Take that Renee. We wish Jack the bully, all the best with his new wife, model Karen Elson.

The service was conducted by a Shaman priest on a canoe in the Amazon basin. It was followed by a blessing by a Catholic priest at a cathedral in Manaus, Brazil.

Meg White, the drummer for the White Stripes, a blues-rock duo from Detroit, served as maid of honor. Though she and White have claimed to be siblings, court records have suggested they were married for four years before divorcing in 2000. Whether it’s White’s first marriage or not, it is the first for Elson.

Who knows how long this marriage will last, but Renee is laughing off Dr. Phil’s comments about her marriage.

The relationship expert hurt the actress when he suggested the couple’s marriage, which began with a surprise Caribbean wedding last month (MAY05), wouldn’t last on his US daytime talk show. She says, “To come home from getting married and have that guy setting the betting table in Vegas at three months or four months or whatever it was… I’m not so worried about what Dr Phil thinks.”

And we don’t either Renee. Although, I’m only giving you a year.

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Renee: ‘I Don’t Care What Dr. Phil Thinks’ [contactmusic]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ma

    wow that woman is scary.

  2. --Erin--

    Whoa.. So.. Did Meg White And Jake White Get Married.. Or Not??? Cuz Thats Kinda Kreepy Somwat lol. White Stripes Are Pretty cool Tho!

  3. Mariana

    A rock star marries a model. This kind of shit seriously needs to stop. What a goddamn cliche.

  4. Jax

    *YAWN* Who cares? Wake me when the divorce procedures start.


  5. Lourdes Ness

    Models and actors are not suppossed to mingle with rockers. It breaks every rule for being a cool rock star. Rock n Roll was invented to rebel against the close minded. Now my mind is beginning to close as a supporter of speaking the truth. It’s all wrong these days and it depresses me. Somebody please do something to make things right again. I guess money does buy love.

  6. MacDean

    Hi there Jax…

    this is your early morning call…divorce is imminent…you didn’t get to sleep for too long!!

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