Jack Black Was A Blubbering Idiot During The Birth Of His Child

Jack Black, the tough as nails comedian (soon to be seen in Nacho Libre), showed his softer side during the birth of his daughter. He and his wife didn’t have the time to take the traditional Lamaze classes, so they did a one lesson crash course. He may have been prepared for the birthing event, but not for the emotions that came with it.

“Then when it came time to deliver, I just forgot all of it. I was like, ‘Breathe! I think you breathe on the downstroke!’ She was looking at me to be the powerful anchor and I was just a blubbering, weepy idiot. It was very emotional for me. I’m just so glad we made it through and that the baby is all beautiful and looks like her, luckily, because with the genes from me, it could have been a pot-bellied pig that came out of there.”

Jack Black Was a ‘Blubbering, Weepy Idiot’ During Son’s Birth [Starpulse]

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