J. Lo’s Mom Isn’t Amused

Jennifer Lopez seems to have been neglecting her Moms lately. Guadalupe (I love that name) Lopez says that Jennifer rarely calls her and doesn’t seem to care about her opinion at all. Even if your Mom is irritating as hell, you need to call her now and then. So she hated “Gigli” and thinks you should have stuck with Ben. So does everyone else! Instead of that corpse you’re dragging around with you! Seriously. Does he come with an IV drip? And there is no animal on Earth that matches that pattern you have on. Where is that species from? Narnia?

This week, when In Touch Weekly reported that Jennifer and hubby Marc Anthony were expecting, the Daily News’ Ethan Rouen traveled to Guadalupe’s home in Westchester to check the story with her.

The couple has been trying for years to give her a grandchild – but Guadalupe sounded almost indifferent to the prospect.

“I didn’t hear about it,” she said coolly.” You know more than I do. I don’t talk to her very often. I don’t see her often.”

Guadalupe said she is “very busy here taking care of my sister,” who was at Guadalupe’s house at the time.” [Jennifer is] very busy doing what she does.”

Brrrrr. When asked if she had any thoughts about a skeleton baby with a giant ass, G-Lo replied “no, no thoughts.” Ok, then. Guadalupe sounds like one of those fiery Moms that you don’t trifle with or she will put some sort of curse on you and never speak to you again. When Jennifer’s face is scarred by hives, and her ass deflates – she’ll know that her Mom put some hoodoo on her. Jenn is denying the pregnancy though, and still demanding everything but an actual Linens N’ Things in her hotel room. Keep reading.


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J. Lo is promoting her Spanish language album and her new single from her upcoming English language album in Ole Blighty.

And as is standard for most celebrities, Lopez made sure to send her hotel, The five-star Dorchester, a detailed two page list of everything needed to ensure she enjoys her reported two-day stay. According to a source, it included requests for the usual bottled water, soft drinks, lilies or red or white roses. Plus Grapefruit and Lime Blossom candles from the celebrity’s favourite beauty guru, Jo Malone. No doubt heads will roll if she gets peanut instead of the requested plain M&M’s. And she clearly has a sweet-tooth as she’s included a request for baked cookies. If recent speculation which centres on a possible pregnancy are to be believed, the absence of alcohol, apart from a request for low-calorie beer, could be seen as significant. Despite staying in one of London’s top hotels, home to several restaurants and dining rooms including Kate Moss’s favourite restaurant China Tang, Lopez’s list includes a request for a distinctly unglamorous microwave, coffee maker, toaster and an oven.

And as for being knocked up?

But she took time out at the launch party at Kensington’s Amika nightclub last night to quash reports that she is expecting her first child, shaking her head, she said: “No, that’s not right.”

Why is she being so choice about her wording? Just smile and don’t say anything or lie and say “no”. I get that you don’t want to say anything until everything’s locked down in your ovaries.