J. Lo Requires Flattering Lighting

February 1st, 2007 // 8 Comments

3 AM reports that J. Lo’s demands demonstrate just how much of an asshole she is. Though, the horn section to “Get Right” is still my favorite song opening of the last couple of years. See? Credit where credit is due.

Top of the crackpot catalogue given to staff at Santa Monica’s famous Westlake Studios in LA was: change all the lights for dimmer ones and place them at angles to make the singer look “desirable”.

Her food needs also went into agonising detail. Our insider continues: “She wanted fresh, piping-hot Cuban bread which we had to trawl 10 bakeries to find and dozens of packets of Skittles – including the new sour flavour. She also wanted a gourmet meat selection, a separate cheese platter and crates of water and fruit and scented candles.

The report went on to state that, despite being accompanied by a 20+ entourage, the food was barely touched. Fresh piping hot Cuban bread? What? Didn’t your last album tank? And Gigli? Find a drive-thru, heifer!

By J. Harvey

  1. -A

    The food was probably for Tom Cruise incase he decided to show up for a surprice conversion inspection. Got to feed that alien inside and all. And with all due respect to the talent that’s J.Lo. The only lighting that’ll make her look “Desireble” lately is total darkness.

  2. LondonLady

    Is anybody actually interested in this two-bit dancer who got a break?? J-Lo G-Lost (get lost). She’s a shallow woman who gets through more husbands than i’ve had hot dinners!!

  3. lola

    What kind of bulls*** is this? And first of all, why do people give in to these ridiculous over the top requests? I am so sick of JHo – face it – she is a ho from the hood and all the money in the world is not going to change how she talks or acts, much less give her class… Her 15 minutes have been over a long time ago.

  4. SerenityUK

    Is it just me or does this woman look like a man in drag?? She is so unspectacular it’s not true!!

  5. lola


  6. Unknown

    So all of this gourmet food was barely touched, and there are much less fortunate people out there who can’t even get a meal! I thought she was really ‘Jenny from the Block’? Sounds like a diva b*tch to me!

  7. BKAllDay

    Wow, famous for doing abso-f***ing-lutely nothing. Please J-duh I mean J-Lo, druggie Lohan, dingbat Paris start a course “how to get rich without even trying”…I need a job. I’m sure I could look good doing nothing too! I need a job and I really am trying! Life.

  8. pimp datty

    yo, you socialites life bitches are a bunch of hos! quit pickin on this lady.

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