J. Harvey In The Flesh on “The Daily Special”

J. Harvey has long found it prudent to be one of those entities that merely exist behind a keyboard, hidden in the shadows as a gossip purveyor and analyst. His co-editor, the vivacious and beautiful Lisa Timmons, has long been the public voice and face of A Socialite’s Life – gracing our podcast Liquid Lunch and various video projects and appearances with her style and elegance. Until now. Here I am making an appearance on “The Daily Special, my new favorite webcast. “Hostess Kimberly Rae Miller had me on to comment on gossip in 2007 and what’s to come in 2008. And damn do I need to put down the Ring Dings because my triple chin is working overtime! Anyway, here’s what J. Harvey’s like. Kind of like a gay deer in headlights with a head the size of a cereal box. There’s a reason why we send Lisa out to events. Special thanks to Kimberly and the rest of the gang at “The Daily Special”! They rock, and be sure to check out their previous episodes here!