iVillage Makes Me Giggle, While Attempting Half-Heartedly to Be Environmentally Conscious

I heart iVillage, I really do and I’m the first to admit that I make mistakes all the time that make me look like an illiterate donkey with Internet access, but I did want to share a recent goof that I found on MSNBC yesterday afternoon. I was in the midst of reading a very tragic story about a teenager who took her own life after being verbally abused online by a MySpace boyfriend, who turned out to be a hoax. I was becoming very emotionally involved in the story, when the tension was broken by me spotting a link to iVillage and some links to their recent stories. In the same block of links was the enthusiastic declaration “iVillage Goes Green” a few links underneath “Giada De Laurentiis Shares A Veal Recipe.”

I know…news is slow. Still, think about it! It’s funny, right?

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