I’ve Said It Before, Ryan Phillippe Is The Cutest Dad

June 27th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Humor me. And his son is one of the cutest kids. That photo is just precious.

More photos of Ryan and Reese and Deacon after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sUNIE

    It’s too bad that their every move is recorded by photographers on our behalf. That said, they have done it the right way. They simply go about their business as best they can without creating anymore distrations for their kids than need be.

    World class married couple with family!

  2. maryanne29

    The normalness of Reese and Ryan and impossibly cute kids is really refreshing.

  3. doofus

    ditto on what both you guys said.

    that pic of daddy offering the football to his boy is TOO FREAKIN CUTE.

  4. C

    Normal people! In Hollywood! They do exist! This has got to be one of the sweetest and loving families to date. I applaud Ryan and Reese for keeping their little family unit tight. If one of them works, the other does not. There are no nannies. The kids are taken to school by a parent every day and come home to a parent at the end of the day. These two have their heads and hearts in the right place.

  5. kikichanelconspiracy

    The expression on the kid’s face is too cute for words.

  6. DeaconMommy

    I get such a kick of pics of that little boy! My son Deacon (!!!) was born 3 weeks before their Deacon, and they have a lot of similar traits. Deacon is such an unusual name–I’d love to meet them just so I could say, “Deacon, I’d like you to meet Deacon!” :)

  7. aishab

    They have the cutest kids in Hollywood-hands down

  8. bbb

    reese and ryan don’t look happy together though – whenever you see pics ryan is always scowling. they will be filing for divorce within the next 12 months…

  9. Draya

    OMIGOD, Deacon is the cutest lil’ fella!! And daddy is delish! And Mommy is a total doll!

  10. Randi

    They are a cute family, but I think the world would be a little better place if the paparazzi didn’t photograph a celebrity’s kid. It seems like a relatively new phenomenon to me, and one I wouldn’t miss at all. (I’m just here to see the beautiful people looking like Hell and making fools of themselves);)

  11. Rumor

    bbb, I certainly hope this couple does not get a divorce. I read an in-depth interview that Ryan gave. He was quite candid and forthcoming. He said that it is hard to be married young…. and that he can be somewhat moody.

    Ryan and Reese regularly see a therapist for their own separate issues. It’s good that they started early, instead of waiting for the problems to grow out of control. This shows a good level of commitment to keeping their family together. I applaud them.

  12. Emily

    Resses daughter Ava looks just like her, they have the same nose its so cute

  13. Mia

    AAhhhhh! What a lovely set of photos.
    Agree with sUNIE, that must be very difficult trying to maintain a somewhat norm life.
    Respect them for their talent and even more as wonderful parents.

  14. ryansman

    ryan phillippe is a cute dad, sure.

    he’s also the hottest bastard ever. i would do ANYTHING to taste him. take that for what you will…

  15. amir khan

    i love ryans kids they are so cute!

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