Ivanka Trump Likes Her Name

Don’t look for Ivanka Trump to take on her future husband’s last name when she gets married. Although, she states that the reason she’s attached to Trump is for professional reasons only.

Professional reasons are the reason for her attachment to her last name and that she intends to pass the valuable surname on to any children she may have, said The New York Post.

The daughter of one of the most powerful real estate moguls in the United States, and his ex-wife Ivana, Ivanka has attempted to maintain her independence from her father despite her current position as a real estate executive at the Trump Organization. Two years ago she denied a New York Post claim that her father had paid for her new home at Trump Park Avenue and said she had paid for it herself.

Let’s just call her Little Miss Independent then.

More photos from Ivanka Trump’s 25th Birthday Party at Pure Nightclub Las Vegas after the jump.

Ivanka Trump won’t give up famed last name [UPI]

Written by Lauren Burch

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