Ivanka Trump Likes Her Name

October 30th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Don’t look for Ivanka Trump to take on her future husband’s last name when she gets married. Although, she states that the reason she’s attached to Trump is for professional reasons only.

Professional reasons are the reason for her attachment to her last name and that she intends to pass the valuable surname on to any children she may have, said The New York Post.

The daughter of one of the most powerful real estate moguls in the United States, and his ex-wife Ivana, Ivanka has attempted to maintain her independence from her father despite her current position as a real estate executive at the Trump Organization. Two years ago she denied a New York Post claim that her father had paid for her new home at Trump Park Avenue and said she had paid for it herself.

Let’s just call her Little Miss Independent then.

More photos from Ivanka Trump’s 25th Birthday Party at Pure Nightclub Las Vegas after the jump.

Ivanka Trump won’t give up famed last name [UPI]

Written by Lauren Burch

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Draya

    Independent?? Right.

    That’s why daddy got her all her jobs when she was a “model”; gave her a job in his company right out of college; AND gave her a job on his tv show. Must be nice not to have to actually put out a couple of resume’s after graduating. Job interviews are soooo boring!

    Yeah, she’s little Miss Independence alright. Also little Miss Spoiled, Rich Brat.

  2. NewYorkSeedy

    I totally disagree with you on the “spoiled brat” comment. I saw Donald with his children on a 20/20 interview and unlike some rich people who allow thier children to run wild, stupid and careless [Hiltons] Donald Trump is a very strict father who doesn’t let his children slide through life on thier name; they are taught the value of hard work and must achieve everything on thier own. Ivanka is a smart and very educated young woman and she could have had her choice of companies to work with just like her older brother but they chose to work for thier father, it wasn’t handed to them. Not all rich people are bad parents.

  3. Small Fry

    Oh yes, because “hard work” really means getting a job and education handed to you based on your last name and not your ability to actually bring anything of value to the table.

    While he may be a strict father…these kids are in no way “normal” and have never had to lift a finger for anything. Even if they wanted to do it the hard way…it wouldn’t be possible unless they changed their last name and underwent an extreme makeover to change their identity completely. I would pay money to see that…these spoiled brats probably couldn’t even get a job at McDonald’s flipping burgers.

  4. ambrosia

    Im tired of real every day people (jealous) people hating on their betters. If they are rich you say they are lazy did’nt work for their money who cares is that supposed to be an insult they did not suffer to enjoy life. If their a pretty girl they say anorexic, slut,druggie and if you are a guy they say you are a gay druggie stop watching Dove campaigns and making ugly people famous with American idol

  5. Iouliana


    Why do you hate punctuation so much? comas are your friends!

    also…you CANNOT say that she worked just by herself. Thats the reason for her NOT changing the name. Its like saying Gisele or Adriana Lima became super models because of their intelligence and incredible IQ scores….

    i just say it how i see it. She came from a name and decided to become famous. Paris did the same thing. Arent they both using sluttiness to become famous?? Wasnt Ivanka in some man’s magazine just recently with her tits hanging out?? hows that classy and good for Trump’s name?? anyway….yea im totally jealous…

  6. I don’t agree that Ivanka is just a brat. I’ve seen her on the Apprentice and she truly has a different side that’s not hollywood nor Paris. She’s intellectual (having graduated from a prestigious university like pup). Why do we keep putting this good woman down?

  7. Ed

    Don’t forget, she did graduate summa cum laude from U Penn.

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