Ivanka Defends Daddy

January 5th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Donald Trump’s ostrich daughter wants Rosie to shut it.

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka has joined his war with Rosie O’Donnell, branding the comedienne “a bully.” O’Donnell upset Trump, the owner of the Miss USA pageant, last month when she ridiculed him on her magazine talk show The View for giving hard-partying, alcohol-abusing beauty queen Tara Conner a chance to redeem herself during a much-publicized press conference. She accused him of bankruptcy and called him a “snake-oil salesman.”

Trump hit back calling O’Donnell “a crude, arrogant, pushy, disgusting slob”, and now Ivanka – the 25-year-old vice president of real estate development at her father’s Trump Organization – has weighed in.

More of Ivanka yacking away after the jump.


Ivanka says, “I think it was unfair, it was uncalled for and, quite frankly, there was no reason for it. As my father said, she, too, has had a lot of second chances. You know, there’s nothing surprising about the fact that my dad’s gonna come back with a vengeance anytime anyone says anything negative against him.”

God, this is boring. Shut the f*ck up already, all of you. And as for you Ivanka, don’t come back on Project Runway if you’re going to be that boring again. I want guest judges with some sauce, not tall blonde blocks of wood with sad opinions.

By J. Harvey

  1. “uncalled for and, quite frankly, there was no reason for it”
    My exact same thoughts about her and her comments…

  2. MissNee

    She needs to take her wonky store bought breasts and sit her ass down in a corner.

  3. MsSumida

    Shit, much like money, flows downward

  4. DollfaceT

    Is it just me or does Ivanka look like she could be a distant relative of Lisa Kudrow?

  5. Omarosa

    Only in America could this chick, who looks EXACTLY like Donald Trump, be a model. I mean she was PAID to model. Until she got the old infla-ta-boob thing going on.

    Seriously, isn’t it a little sick that the comb-over buys his kid the same boobs as his dates?

  6. gigi

    Ivanka is a stupid, ugly bitch. She’s probably defending daddy because Trump bangs her.

  7. Kelli Ashermaan

    Why do people want to treat Ivanka bad, not that she cares, but I saw an interview one time with Donald, Ivanka and Donald, Jr.(I think that’s his name)and Donald is a good dad, a father who cares about what his children do, AND if they could take over his empire should something happen to him , right now Barron is too young. But the older kids should be involved. I think Ivanka is gorgeous as is her brother; the Donald makes good looking kids! And Ivanka is nowhere near the likes of stupid Paris Hilton. She is the dumb one, does she look like she gives a damn about business, no, not really, sure she has her shares, but she couldn’t even keep up a nightclub. If I vanka had a nightclub, it would still be open, but you know what? That is not what the Trump Organization is all about. Yes, they have their hotels, their buildings, their resorts, those are all real estate transactions. True real estate transactions, not saying the Hilton’s don’t own what they have, but geez give Ivanka a break, I like her, I think she has the business smarts like her father does and I think she is very pretty. So those of you whom I guess, are jealous leave her alone and let her be and you know, when you call her names, that doesn’t show your class at at all, if you have any. The Trumps have class. Donald and his wives raise their children well. We don’t hear abou them in the news like you used to hear about the Kennedy’s. I think the Trumps are great, and leave Ivanka alone!

  8. Kelli Asherman

    And another comment, she went to business school and also knew all her life what her dad did. You people say the sickest things, you must be soooo jealous, you can’t stand it. That’s all I can think. She is business like her dad is, now let’s all get over it and ya’ll go to Starbucks together and get high on caffeine all day. And please don’t let a simple little piece of the ceiling fall on your head if you are there, you might get a really bad headache. Especially if it is really light. Make sure you go home and GO STRAIGHT TO BED, don’t do any other activities, people may not believe you were truly hurt. ( Pullin’ the card, weren’t ya), just like someone like Omarosa would do that, that’s why she wouldn’t have been good for the Trump organization, she would’ve pulled the race card anytime she thought she could and you know what? We don’t do that anymore. It’s your skills and how you can work the job, not the color of your skin, we all bleed the same blood, I busted my butt to try to get on that show and didn’t, even though I work in real estate and know it from the inside out. But if you all really hate Ivanka as much as your comments, I guess you don’t have your own self-esteem going on for you. Goodnight and you girls are just jealous people.

    Yours Truly,

    Kelli Asherman
    San Antonio, Texas

  9. I love Ivanka trump. So what that she had a boob job. She looks great. Of course she’s going to defend her dad! I think Ivanka is a great role model for women and I admire her tremendously.

    Everyone who puts her down is obviously jealous…

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