Ivana Trump Kicked Off Flight For Foul-Mouthed Tirade Against Obnoxious Kids

Ivana Trump, you are my hero.

Children aka “little fuckers,” never, ever, ever make noise around a hung over Ivana Trump. She will eat you alive!

Ivana became enraged when several screaming tots started running up and down the first class aisle.

According to police, Ms Trump, 60, swore at the children and became even angrier after flight attendants tried to calm her down. When the pilot taxied back to the gate in Palm Beach, Florida, and ordered her off the New York-bound flight, the hysterical woman refused to budge until she was forced to leave by security guards.

‘From the initial contact until Ms Trump left the property, she was saying “f*** you” to all the deputies and called the children “little f******”‘, said a police spokeswoman.

She started complaining as soon as she boarded the Delta-Northwest flight, demanding to be moved to another seat in first class. At first, she reportedly donned a set of headphones to block out the noise in the cabin, but a crying baby apparently sent her over the edge.

“She was swearing at the baby,” said passenger Vincent Cone.”The reason she got so upset was the children and she started screaming, ‘I want to go back home,'” he added.

“She was so belligerent towards other passengers and crew that the plane returned to the terminal,” said the police spokeswoman.

At least she got away from the screaming baby!