Ivana Trump

August 19th, 2005 // 16 Comments

I have to say that’s it nice to see a woman look her age. It’s also nice to see a woman her age have some attractive arm candy as well. Take a look after the jump.

Ivana Trump and her boyfriend Rossando Rubicondi attend the launch of the Ivana Las Vegas Project at Club Fizz in New York City.

(Images Courtesy of INFGOFF.com)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tania

    Yummm…he is HOT!

  2. Laura Lord Belle

    Though I am happy she has found a rather handsome looking companion for the last 2 years, I do wish she would let her hair done…

    It ages her!!

    And yes, I am aware that she would rather not because she has said:”It is part of my age, it is what people expect when they se mee.”

    see pic:

  3. WOW! I hope she is working his butt every night (I would)…and yanking on that full head of hair that Donald wishes he had.

  4. Shana

    whistle whistle
    wwoooohhoooo !!

  5. ermmm...

    Okay, good for her that she has a young beau in her arms, but no offence, what does he see in her besides the fact that she is Ivana Trump ($$$)?? She is not exactly Demi Moore…she’s like his grandma…

  6. Anne

    Go, Ivana! She’s my role model. Or she would be if I weren’t already married to a (not-so-young) hunk myself.

    She’s wearing age-appropriate clothing and looks reasonably dignified, unlike some other “older women” who pathetically try to dress like pop tarts. The hair is her signature style; I say let it be. She’s obviously comfortable with herself, and that’s HOT.

  7. Anonymous

    No, she’s lookin’ waaaay too matronly these days. The fussy suit, the overly red lipstick, the thick, ugly neck. And too much eye makeup, which actually makes her eyes look smaller and harder. She doesn’t come across as sexy, she comes across as frigid and desperate.

    I can pretty much guess what her hot “boyfriend” sees in her.

  8. canne71

    I’m beginning to think the name TRUMP is german for “my hair looks like shit no matter how much money I make.”

  9. medea

    hair looks like a beaver bed of lettuce.

  10. Roy

    work it girl!

  11. Terrier

    Ivana still has the Patsy from AbFab thing going after all these years.

  12. Jenra

    Wow! You go girl!! That guy is f*ckin hot!!!

  13. LRM

    Look her age???? Gawd – imagine what she’d look like if she did totally remake herself surgically after the Donald left her for Marla!!! Geez, she’d look 120 without the surgery if this is how she looks now after having had all that surgery!!!

  14. Jizbiotch

    This bitch looks like Madonna. Seriously, her ‘husband’, latent, has a ‘combover’. If ever there was needed an intervention, it’s needed now!! Consider her lucky to sleep w/o Trump.

  15. alfredo

    she is hot. you go woman!
    how many women her age look worst?
    she looks very nice. god bless you!

  16. lola

    I think Ivana Trump is a very glamorous, stylish, and classy lady. She held her head up and kept her dignity during a very difficult time when her husband and father of her children, obviously had a midlife crisis and was keeping a mistress. She looks awesome and deserves her italian boyfriend.

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