It’s the Four Season’s For Brangelina

December 29th, 2006 // 12 Comments

It looks like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and the kids are going to be spending this New Year’s in Costa Rica. They have been in Costa Rica since Christmas Day, and are staying at the exclusive Four Seasons Resort in Papagayo on Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast.

Accompanied by their three children, a nanny and a personal chef, the Jolie-Pitt entourage, registered as “the Black family,” have been staying at the resort since last Friday, the report said.

The hotel’s Web site describes the facility as “spilling down a lush mountainside to an isthmus of golden sand,” and says room rates range from $470 to $6,800 a night.

Just your typical average hotel room I’m sure.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Staying in Costa Rica Four Seasons for New Year’s [FOX News]

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By Jessica Marx

  1. Kate

    FIRST! The BLACK family! LOL. Hardly a model family now.

  2. jannre

    Know wonder she can go and smile and pretend to care for all the unfortunate people, she knows she will be able to go back to her lush suite, and personal chef!

  3. Tonysgirl

    All that money she is spending on that personal chef could be used to help the people she is always shown pictured with.

    This is a couple that the world could take a break from and probably never miss them!!

  4. Jerine

    hey Tonysgirl how much money do u give to charity u people jus love to bitch about every thing. so what if they want to stay @ th 4 seasons at least they try look how many celebs make a bag of money but never give some to those who need at least they r trying how much does paris give to chaity huh ??

  5. S_M_G

    Wow, you people really need to get real!Angelina and Brad do more good to the refugees than the president of United States does. Do you expect them to stay at Motel 8? You don’t think they’d be kidnapped there? They give 1/3 of their income to charity! How many people in the WORLD does that? Show some respect and try to give attention to their causes not them!

  6. Jay

    It’s funny how people make these frivilous comments about Angelina just to say something bad. The arguments are hilarious!

  7. oops

    There is no apostrophe-s in seasons.

  8. adrianachristensen

    The Black family? As in Meet Joe Black? hehe.

  9. tc

    well where would you expect them to stay? Of course they’re going to stay at the most luxurious hotel. We make them incredibly rich…..I don’t understand why you’d be snippy about the fact that they’re staying at a Four Seasons. If any of us had that money, we’d probably stay there too. I know I would.

  10. jannre

    I don’t believe she gives 1/3rd of her income, she can say whatever she wants…I just don’t like her, I stopped liking her when she kissed her brother on the red I don’t care what she does, she will always be Whorelina to me…

  11. Tonysgirl

    Hey, Jerine Do NOT attack me because I gave my opinion.

    I never did like her, and never will.

    And I dont make em rich, I refuse to buy any of their movies or go see any of their movies, or any products to promote them. So I can say My money is not wasted.

  12. Me

    First off, it’s easy to travel the world and do what they do when you have MORE MONEY THAN GOD! It’s at no personal sacrifice that they do what they do and that’s fine. I just wish people would stop acting like they are saints and holding anorexic looking Angelina up as some icon of beauty. If you like their films, fine but that doesn’t make them angels on earth, it makes them very, very fortunate people.

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