It’s That Package Wrapping Time Of The Year Again

December 7th, 2005 // 5 Comments

Okay, I’ve never heard of him, but Ben Bowder seems to have the goods. Have another look after the jump.

(Images via Oh la la Paris)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. j'

    thats not a bulge, either he has a rolled up sock in there, or he gets hard in a funny way. but then again, i dont pack that kinda heat so i wouldnt know right? i guess it looks good then!

  2. SMroxs

    Mmmm, Ben Browder. Ben, for those who aren’t nerds, stared in the Sci-Fi channel series Farscape. I don’t think he has been in much else before or since. I’ve always thought he was hot, but that bulge doesn’t look quite right. Still, big or small I’d do him. :)

  3. ortem


    I loved that show… I always did find him do-able there were alwyas these odd sexual moments in the show

    and yes… even I would say that he makes leather pants very interesting…

  4. Joh

    Ben replaced Richard Dean Anderson as the new team leader of Stargate: SG1 on the Sci-fi network! He is quite a good looking man and a darn good actor, too!

  5. JP Thrashya

    Ben mistaked viagra for skittles, looks like he is in a little bit of pain.

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