It’s Rough Being A Model Who Poses For Domestic Abuse Posters

Boo hoo hoo. Has this poster prevented the men from getting any work? I’m sure it’s part of their portfolio.

Four male models who appeared in an ad campaign against domestic violence are suing New York City, saying the posters stayed up beyond the agreed time, leading people to think they really were wife beaters.

Christopher Dorm, Triple Edwards, Daniel Royer and Javier Velarde appeared in posters throughout the city to promote awareness of domestic violence. The men were pictured behind bars with captions such as “Successful executive. Devoted churchgoer. Abusive husband.”

The four agreed to the October 2002 photo shoot on the condition that the ads be posted only in New York City buses and subways and be taken down after five weeks, the lawsuit says. They were each paid between $1,500 to $2,000. But the posters stayed up until at least August 2003 and appeared in several locations, including police stations and charities, said Jeffrey Pagano, the lawyer who filed the suit in Manhattan Supreme Court on March 23.

The models are seeking $1 million each in damages. “This is a public service that’s gone sideways,” Pagano said on Tuesday. “It’s turned into a horror show.”

Copies of the posters were so widespread for so long, that friends of the models believed the men had been arrested and were actual “women beaters,” according to the lawsuit. The city’s legal department said it has sent notification to remove any ads that may still be up.

“The City was not privy to the fact that there was any time limit on the ads. Moreover, the models had agreed to be portrayed as domestic abusers as part of the City’s campaign against such conduct,” said Jonathan Becker, New York City’s deputy chief of commercial and real estate litigation.

This is ridiculous. They are models who agreed to be poster boys for domestic abuse posters. They knew what they were getting themselves into. Their friends believed they had been arrested and were wife beaters; kind of says something about the models doesn’t it.
Models Who Posed as Wife Beaters Sue NY Over Ads [Reuters]

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