It’s Party Time For ‘Time’ Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People

As if it’s not enough for these folks to be given kudos in a splashy Time magazine cover and article that explains exactly why they’re the 100 most influential people in the world, they all get to enjoy a big party celebrating that fact. But that’s OK, because I guess they’ve earned it. Or at least I know my girl Suze Orman has.

Among those listed, new talk show host Jimmy Fallon was all smiles in his trim tuxedo, Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg represented for The View. They even let Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck show up to play with the big girls.

And Claire Danes was psyched to be there. But not enough to give us a second peek at her nipple. Too bad.

At a party for the world’s most easily influenced people: Ali Lohan. Kidding! But for reaslies. She’s mighty impressionable.

Gallery Info: Jimmy Fallon, Stella McCartney, Sanjay Gupta, Claire Danes, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Barbara Walters, David Lauren, Lauren Bush, Leslie Mann, Arianna Huffington, Sherri Shepherd, Suze Orman, Galye King, Hugh Dancy, John Legend, Ann Coulter, Patrica Clarkson, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Van Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Favreau, Judd Apatow, MIA and Diane Sawyer at the Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World party.