It’s Not Ok Everyone, Josh and Scarlett Might Not Be Together Still

December 21st, 2006 // 4 Comments

It seems like only yesterday we were reporting that Josh and Scarjo were all well and good and practically conceiving children at an NYC restaurant recently. Apparently, conception makes Josh horny because the sumbitch went out and scored some supermodel ass Saturday night. And ok, it was only yesterday that we reported they were fine and he was practically giving her a papsmear on the dessert cart. Gossip moves fast, and we gotta keep up!

WE may have jumped the gun yesterday when we announced Josh Hartnett was back with on-again, off-again girlfriend Scarlett Johansson. They were seen making out last week, but apparently they are taking Johansson’s “open relationship” policy seriously. Hartnett was spotted at Spotted Pig sucking face with supermodel Gisele Bundchen Saturday night. “They were all over each other,” said the spy. Reps for Harnett didn’t return calls, and a rep for Bundchen would not comment.

God, talk about sloppy seconds. I can’t believe he hooked up with that hag-faced crone. “Model”. Please. Model for what? The Ugly Store? Why didn’t he just go the Museum of Natural History and start licking the female Neanderthal dummies? (I’m trying to make Scarlett feel better. She has a nice rack, but Gisele is on the Vicky’s Secret runway.)

Josh and Gisele [Page Six]

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By J. Harvey

  1. J-Dawg

    No, the real question is why Gisele is hooking up with him…of course she was into Leonardo and he is looking ROUGH these days. Poor insecure gal.

  2. James

    Is this a joke? Scarlette is a disgusting fat pig, Gisele is the most beautiful woman in the world…Scarlett must have drugged Josh to get him m int bed cuz you couldn’t pay me enough money to fuck her!

  3. Ally

    Gisele and Josh were boyfriends before she started to date Leo. She’s hot and he’s hot and i like to see them together!

  4. I much prefer the Gisele/Josh match as well.

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