It’s Not A Party Until A Jonas Brother Shows Up

Last night’s unveiling of Revival Vintage Boutique in Los Angeles brought out plenty of local fashionistas to browse the racks, munch on caviar and drink free champagne. But the real party started when Joe Jonas and his so-adorable-you-want-to-put-her-in-your- pocket girlfriend, Demi Lovato showed up after having their date night at The Cheesecake Factory.

Joe and Demi made a few social rounds, browsed the non-purity ring sections of jewelry then left quicker than a celebrity annulment. But not before I snagged them for a quick moment to discuss their upcoming tour!

“We’re really excited to get back out there and see all the fans again. It’ll be unlike anything else we’ve ever done before,” Joe said. And how convenient that Demi will be opening for them.

But don’t worry, these kiddos are as pure as ivory soap. Purity ring? Check. Going to church together? Check. Coordinating the color scheme on their outfits? Check.

Also in attendance was Twilight newbie, Julia Jones who plays the ONLY female werewolf, Leah Clearwater in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, which of course makes for instant awesome status. Julia couldn’t indulge any upcoming Twilight secrets but she of course will be gracing the red carpet when the premiere happens June 24th in Los Angeles! And if you can’t wait that long, make sure to check her out in this summer’s movie Jonah Hex where she’ll star alongside Megan Fox, Josh Brolin and John Malkovich.