It’s Miss Ross!

January 19th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Diana Ross, looking ever so natural, smiling, and allowing people to look directly at her! What a special day!

Photos: WENN

By Michael Prieve

  1. Kakes

    As mean as you are to anyone else not looking quite at the top of their game, that is all you have to say about Miss Ross? I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or impressed.

  2. andre

    wow….roots showing too…..amazing what make up can do

  3. PinkWeenie

    It’s JH and LT who are mean and nasty… I’ve yet to see Prieve be such a bitch.

  4. rickwood

    WOW. Someone her age not looking like a tightly stretched canvas! I give it to her for aging gracefully…too bad Hollywood can’t do the same.

  5. dadsurfah

    What a goddam hag

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