Who’s Looking Prettier Today?

We are. A Socialite’s Life got a little facelift. We may have a little more botox left over if needed. Just a simple site, with simple dreams of spreading gossip to all corners of the earth.

I’d like to thank everyone for the dirt that they’ve been sending in (keep it coming). There’s no better way of us knowing what your interested in reading about, than getting it straight from you. While I try and answer every email I receive the volume has gotten quite out of control (plus Entourage sucks – I don’t know how many legitimate emails get sucked into the junk folder, while the junk stays in the inbox – taken valium, done with rant).

The look is a little cleaner. The categories have been expanded greatly to make organization a little more easy on our end, and hopefully on your end as well. You’ll notice a few changes in how the articles are presented, and we are going to try and post more (less of the Nibbly Things). Otherwise, it’s the same vodka-infused gossip.

If you have a chance, take your reader survey. Naomi would want you to.

If you notice something that isn’t quite right, please let us know. That’s what the interns are here for, and aren’t paid to do (along with fetching my martinis and caviar).

Revel in all that is glorious.

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