It’s Lindsay Lohan!

October 5th, 2005 // 10 Comments

I can see why she was covering up the face.

(Image Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jerrod

    She looks like a boy

  2. anon

    i think she looks really glam

  3. those bottega venetta boots are to die for!!!!! or maybe just to crash your mercedes for.

  4. 510Bombshell

    BLECHH. She’s so over.

  5. RubbRubb

    Enough of this coont.

  6. Implant Inspector

    I’d raaaaather give her an invite to Uncle Wilmers sex menaaagerie. There , she will perform splendidly, sucking eels, accepting ponys’ cocks, and over all delighting the public!

  7. tom fort

    Gladys”why are we so fasinated with this girl?”
    Elouise” Cause she’s a mess”
    Hazel” No my dear,cause we have nothing else to do, without her, the papers and the magazines would have gone out of business, that’s why…..”

  8. clarrisse

    The girl has some sense to put back some more weight, she looks pretty again.

  9. Implant Inspector

    Hoo boy, Tom Fort, someone puke in your coffee today?

  10. CityKitty

    Oof. Girlfriend looks rough.

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