It’s His Party And He’ll Cry If He Wants To

The birthday party Kevin Federline had planned at the Eleven nightclub in Los Angeles seems to have fizzled out of existence. The club was originally planning to find a weekly mag to go in on a sponsorship, but it seems that there were no takers. Afterwards, smaller sponsors lost interest in the event, pulling out one-by-one. According to Page Six:

But a rep for Federline assured Page Six it was Kevin who canceled the event, though his bash Saturday at the Pure nightclub in Las Vegas is still on. “He decided that one party was enough,” said his rep. “Kevin is just focusing on his family right now.”

Ah, the whole “I didn’t want it anyways” defense. Well-played, Mr. Federline. I like that he’s focusing on his family, so he can only afford the time for one lavish birthday party in Vegas, rather than an additional one in Los Angeles.