It’s Hard Being A Rich, Young Socialite

Sounds like a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. From the Lloyd Groves’ Lowdown at New York Daily News:

New York’s rich, young socialites love to be seen as givers. So they borrow designer gowns and pricey jewelry to attend charity galas, where they pose for paparazzi and brag to TV crews about the joys of altruism. Now, “It” girls such as Tinsley Mercer Mortimer, Fabiola Hearst Beracasa and Coralie Charriol Paul will have their own documentary, “Society Girls: The E! True Hollywood Story,” spotlighting their generosity. It will debut Sept. 17 on the cable entertainment channel. But the truth is many of these young ladies don’t give a dime to the good causes to which they’ve attached their names. “They won’t even pay for tickets. We comp them,” one event planner scoffed to Lowdown yesterday. “Tinsley only returns calls if we say she’s comped. Fabiola pays.”

You mean there’s more to charity events than just showing up and being your fabulous self? Someone can’t actually think that rich people should GIVE money to the poor and/or otherwise less fortunate. Hello? You don’t stay rich by giving money away. That’s just silly.

Written by Lisa Timmons

Tags: Socialites