Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Goes On And On…

It’s happening …the third instalment of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is in the works. I know what you’re thinking…there was a 2? Yes there was but let’s skip on over that.

For those of you like me, who don’t really remember much about the film, apart from the wicked air guitar and the use of ‘EXCELLENT!’ as noun, verb and general term of endearment , the basic plot was something like this. Two slackers, Bill and Ted, travel back in time to gather together a cast of historical figures for a history class presentation so that they don’t fail and get kicked out of school. Alex Winter played Bill and of course, superstar Keanu Reeves played Ted.

And here he is walking around on the set of his new film Generation Um in New York City on the 22 September, 2010 looking awkwardly shabby and showing the interested folk around him the contents of his fancy plastic bag.

But back to Bill and Ted 3, what the hell is the plot going to be? They’ve already gone back into time in order to pass a history class, defeated Satan and married 15th century princesses…what is there left to do?

As well as this, actor George Carlin is dead so there is no Rufus. But according to Winter (Bill), it’s just a matter of time before shooting starts. Winter told MTV,
“In all seriousness, it’s a question of when the script is done, when Reeves is free, when I’m free, and getting the whole damn thing up and running.”
When you’re free?? Dude, you’ll be free whenever Keanu is free. Now stop your blabbering and sit quietly and wait patiently for Mister Reeves.