It’s Easy Being Greene

It’s surreal writing about the evolution of a 22 year old starlet.  The Twilght Series’ Ashley Greene is so fresh-faced that it’s hard to believe her star has been shining long enough to “evolve.”  But hey, that’s what MTV is calling it, and this week they are spoon-feeding Greene fans with career details and droolatastic shots of the vampire star. 

Apparently, acting was not Greene’s first calling, but rather option number two after chasing her dream to become a model didn’t work out (at 5’5” she was rejected from the modeling industry for being “too short”).  It was actually her “short stature that landed Ashley the job as Alice Cullen” in the Twilight films.  It looks like one industry’s trash is another’s treasure.

Seriously, this chick went from zero to a zillion with this Twilight surge.  Just two years ago she was playing the role of “McDonald’s Customer” in the film King of California, and now she’s starring along side Robert Pattinson, making out with Chase Crawford, and hiring legal aids to do damage control for a nude pic leak of her on the internet.  Some stars wait their whole career for that kind of publicity.   Stop and smell the roses, Ms. Greene.  It doesn’t get much better than this…

Gallery Info: Twilight actress Ashley Greene takes her dog, a Toy Fox Terrier, to a
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