“It’s Britney, Bitch.”

This is where she’s going to prove us all wrong. This is where she puts the Funions down and takes back her rightful place as our Pop Queen. We may slam her left and right for being a neglectful mother, and slutty, and a drunk-ass and crazy and inbred – but it’s only because we love her and want her back. We want this to work! Really! Brit’s new single “Gimme More (Chocodiles)” has emerged onto radio and details are being revealed as to what’s going to happen during her MTV performance on Sept. 9. She’s teamed with that greasy magician and it’s going to be some mirror mess.

Angel will guide Spears in and out of a series of mirrors, making it seem as though she vanishes and then reappears several times, a source told the Daily News yesterday.

Other dancers in the complicated number are being called upon to harness up for simulated flight, the source said.


I hope that harness is ready, she had her ass cheeks hanging out the day and I felt better about my own. Keep reading for how much money Britney supposedly makes a month AND for more album details!

Her average monthly income is a whopping $737,868, according to court documents filed by ex-hubby Kevin Federline, who’s seeking custody of their young sons Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months.

Damn! Can’t she afford some nannies then so the kids aren’t drinking Jim Beam and running around with three day old diapers on their asses? Use your finances to shore up your weaknesses! Hopefully she can make some more bank off the first single, which is full of sass!

The song features the pop star’s signature breathy vocals, melodic electronic bleeps over a driving beat and a catchy hook that’s is true to the song’s title. Spears opens the sexy and sassy tune by defiantly saying, “It’s Britney, b—“, and producer Hills ends it in a shout out, saying, “Bet you didn’t see this coming.”

We see somethin’ comin’, and it’s a childless mess! Prove us wrong, baby! Hit a homerun!