It’s Bombs Away For Jennifer Aniston (Again)

The Switch failed to be the hit that Jennifer Aniston was looking for…in fact, it turned out to yet another flop to add to her ever-growing collection. The film debuted this weekend with a disappointing $8.1 million. Let’s put it this way: Vampires Suck, Pirahna 3-D AND Lottery Ticket (which all had low expectations) did better than this rom-com bomb.

Seriously, not even Jason Bateman could save this stinkbomb? Then again neither did Bill O’Reilly. Jen (pictured at the L.A. premiere on Aug. 16) drummed up a little publicity for the movie by making comments promoting voluntary single motherhood that fired up the conservative talk-show host. But none of the hoopla seemed to help.

Seriously, I think it’s high time for Jen to re-evaluate her options. Like investing in a time-machine and just going back to the 90s.