It’s Back To Rehab For Whitney Houston

April 19th, 2006 // 15 Comments

We’ll hold off on confirming the validity of this story, since the source is Tina Brown, sister of Bobby Brown. According to her, that Whitney is back in rehab. It came as a surprise to her, since she had thought that Whitney was just missing on one of her drug binges.

Whitney Houston has again checked into a drug treatment center in a desperate bid to kick her tragic addiction to crack cocaine, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Shockingly, her hubby Bobby Brown was kept in the dark about Whitney’s whereabouts for several days. According to his sister Tina Brown, Bobby returned to his home in Alpharetta, Ga., on April 14, after a performance tour and found Whitney was missing.

“At first he thought she was just off on another drug binge,” Tina told The ENQUIRER. “It took a few days for him to find out from Whitney’s family that they had talked her into going into rehab — and a few more days to get an answer about which treatment center she was in. All Bobby told me is that she is in treatment, in a secluded place.”

Tina, a 42-year-old mom of six, is praying that Whitney can finally beat her addiction.

“I hope this time it works,” she said. “She can still come back and be the star she was, the singer the world adored. I pray to God she’ll get herself clean for good.”

We hope that this stint in rehab, if she really is in rehab, goes better than the first and second stints in rehab.

Whitney Goes Into Rehab . . . Again [National Enquirer]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. nevermind

    We will know the rehab worked if she divorces Bobby. Afterall, he’s part of the problem, which would explain why her family didn’t tell him right away. And if he assumed she was just out on another binge and isn’t doing his best to stop her, he should be kicked to the curb!

  2. DB

    This is Tina Brown.

    I met Whitney at rehab, and threw some coke over the fence. Her going into rehab and cleaning up her life is bad for business. I can’t sell anymore stories if she cleans up!

  3. Me

    I just hope it was all being filmed for the new season of Being Bobby Brown. With that said, Whitney would have to cut him lose to get clean. Time will tell. I hope Bobby Kris is in family counseling and Al-Anon.

  4. las

    I wonder how many hours it will be until she checks back out and scores.

    Seriously, this is very sad. How many trips has she made?

  5. JerseyGirl

    I’m getting really sick of Tina Brown telling us about Whitney’s every move. If she was really concerned she’d be helping her not talking to the Enquirer.

  6. King Smart Ian

    First Tina Brown practically destroys Vanity Fair and The New Yorker with her unrelenting focus on celebrity and slapdash editing and now this. What next?!?

  7. Draya

    This story is fake. Bobby Brown actually has a tour going on? What losers are PAYING to hear him sing?

  8. let’s hope it is true… she was so talented

  9. hohum

    Whitney is on the verge of losing custody of her daughter which would seal shut any chance of a comeback. CPS is currently investigating the Brown’s so what choice did she have? Why did she finally go to rehab? You guess it – for the sake of her Career, not the habit, not the daughter, not to escape that slimeball husband — the Career.

    (besides, she needs to get back on the money train to pay the bills)

    Whitney is and always has been just a skank with a good voice.

  10. Lobster

    “Bobby Brown actually has a tour going on?”

    YES. I’m not making this up — he’s touring local Red Lobsters.

    Scroll down to “Monday Night Fights”

    Although it could also be a joke, ’cause he supposedly likes hanging out at Red Lobster…

  11. Edo8

    .. Bobby Brown was on a performance tour? Who, why, where?

  12. megstar

    Access Hollywood (or maybe it was Extra) showed pictures of the clinic in arizona, last night. i forget the name of it, but they said it costs $4000 a day.

  13. Please remove this item from your site.

  14. las

    lobster, if he is doing that, then his career is officially over.

  15. LordHouston

    Well….Everything has happened….the trouble was there for everyone to see and now she’s back to show how it’s done….Whitney’s completely back to the rehab and She might be in pregnant….We hope she is in pregnant maybe it’s a good thing!
    She will be back as soon as possible to show how it’s done

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