It’s Almost Over…

With Black History month coming to an end, the celebration has nearly come to a close. History in general wasn’t my strongest subject. However, fashion is and through an occurrence of freakish good luck, I managed to stumble across a museum that combines fashion and history.

Joyce and Norman Bailey created the “Black Fashion Museum” in 1994 to illustrate just how African-Americans have been a huge part of the industry for some time. Currently, the museum is under renovation, but is set to open its doors again soon. Just $2 gets you in the doors of the institution that houses designs from Elizabeth Keckley, who was creating dresses for presidential wives way before Jackie O’s style made it on to the scene. Keckly, was born a slave and as a free woman, her career led her to design and make dresses for Mary Todd Lincoln. Anne Lowe, taking on the same task, but in a vastly different era, created Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding dress, as well as those of her bridesmaids, for her wedding to John F. Kennedy. The museum boasts a small replica of the gown.

Over 4,000 pieces of timeless creations are in the museum, including shoes, hats, purses, artwork, photos, garments, as well as a number of other archived items. Temporary displays keep the hidden treasure fresh and interesting. It got its original start in New York, but has since moved to Washington D.C.

No snark, just appreciation. Hey, it’s a break for Britney and her bald trips to rehab.

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