It’s All Kinds Of Crazy At Paramount

Extra has the exclusive on the reaction from Paula Wagner (Tom Cruise’s producing partner) in response to Viacom chairman, Sumner Redstone’s harsh last words for Cruise:

Redstone sent off shockwaves blasting Tom’s widely scrutinized public behavior, like his couch jumping episode on “Oprah,” as, “Not acceptable to Paramount.” “Extra” got the first reaction on the split from Cruise’s camp, as Tom’s producing partner broke her silence. In an interview over the phone, Paula Wagner told us that Redstone’s remarks to Tom are, “Disgraceful… and the height of unprofessionalism.” Paula also said, “Negotiations ceased a week-and-a-half ago.”

But still, why such venom from Redstone? TMZ offers up an explanation:

TMZ spoke to eight Viacom insiders, spread diversely across the media giant’s numerous divisions, including the television networks and business affairs. The consensus was a bit surprising — that Redstone is as nutty as Cruise, and the combo was bound to blow.

And I thought the McCartney divorce would take the cake.

Written by Lisa Timmons