It’s All In the Veneers

June 15th, 2005 // 13 Comments

Hilary Duff meets Gary Busey.

(via The Bastardly)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. idiot

    call me an idiot, but what is up with those teeth? Veeners…what in the hell are they and who decided having big buck teeth become *hot*?

  2. ma

    I definatley noticed a change in her teeth.

  3. I noticed it too! It’s like her mouth is too big for her face or something.

  4. Syn

    I have been tuning into Paula Zahn lately unfortunately watching her is very difficult. She is very hard on the eyes. I dont know what she has done with her teeth (veeners possibly). Have you ever seen the episode of Seinfeld when Jerry’s girlfriend thinks he is two-timing her because she looks ugly in certain lighting? Well apparently she can now been seen on CNN as Paula Zahn….no wonder her ratings are bad she looks horrible.

  5. medea

    she looks like her horse face sister now

  6. jz

    her ugly sister got the fake teeth too.

  7. losfelizca

    I think she is wearing invisalign braces..I can’t imagine she would have veneers at her age.

  8. medea

    she is going to have hell trying to suck dick!

  9. yah i noticed there was something weird going on with her grill… i’m glad you put your finger on it lol

  10. Brentwood

    lol she does kinda look like mr. ed

  11. TunaTacoGrande

    I wonder if he gives good skull?

  12. Jamie

    She looks like Anne Nicole Smith in that picture. Haha “You like my bodddyy?? Trimspa baby.”

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