It’s A Very Mariah Christmas

December 6th, 2005 // 18 Comments

All together now. Awwwwwww. She even has to be sexy in her Christmas photos. I can’t imagine what her funeral attire looks like.

(Images via Mariah Daily)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Amanzon

    Good lord, this is staged. I can’t believe Mariah would deem to have ornaments like that. She is working her backside though. Showing Ms Lo, who’s had back before she ever left In Living Color, apparently.

  2. Cheesy

    Well, they’ve airbrushed her flab on the first one. As for the others, Mariah, sweetheart, the best give you can give is to the world is start wearing clothing that is both age and size appropriate. Please understand, WEARING CLOTHING TWO SIZES TOO SMALL DOES NOT MAKE YOU SKINNY. It makes you look pathetic.

  3. Man, they did some serious photoshop-ing in these pics… She needs to stop hanging on to the idea that she is sexy. Ugh.

  4. courtney

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She should have glanced at those pictures before allowing them to be published. That shit is hilarious!

  5. mememe

    Hey Mariah, Jessica Rabbit called. She wants her look back.

  6. Clumber Boy

    Girdle Belle, Girdle Belle, Girdle all the way…

  7. Dianna

    That dog is so photoshopped!!!
    Uh, wait a sec?

  8. Silasdog

    Cheesy is right on. Couldn’t have said it better. Grow up, Mariah! Uh, what ever happened to looking “glamorous”?

  9. Uhm_Yeah

    In that top picture with the dog, mariah looks beautiful, and that dog is sooo cute. :)

  10. Ang

    The dog is fake! Look at it’s eyes they’re glass! and her butt is so photoshopped, its gross. what the hell is wrong with her? did someone forget to give her her daily anti-psychotics? anyone who allows pictures of themselves like these to be published must be schizophrenic.

  11. KarenWalker

    Sure she’s the Queen of the Airbrush, but the bitch can be–she’s talented, charming and–above all–a Diva. Stop the hate and congratulate. Do the thang Mimi–brush the haters off!

  12. Maychen

    I love Mariah, but those pictures are weird. Her skin has an olive tone, but her feet are pink-ish. And her fall or weave or whatever she has, is champagne blonde, but the top (her natural hair?) is golden blonde.

  13. faerietnk

    MC looks darling and very fetch. Yes, she’s airbrushed, so is every other celebrity. For the haters, my guess is you’ve never seen her in person, b/c she’s gorgeous, much taller than I would have thought, and slightly curvaceous, not fat. You can tell in her facial features that she’ mixed. Cameras cling to anything with a curve or round shape, making eveything appear larger. And the whole age appropriate nonsense, sorry but women should wear whatever they want, regardless of age, and she’s only 35 people, and completely covered in that dress. Also, to the weave comment, dude, don’t accusing a black girl of wearing a weave, you’ll get your ass kicked real quick. Just some advice.

  14. Fetch??? Watching too much Mean girls lately?? I have seen her in person… she’s more than slightly curvaceous… she’s more like chunky. As far as the weave comment…. lots of celebrities wear weaves now… black or white. Get a sense of humor.

  15. Um, sorry do you spell Ho? and I don’t mean hoe as a garden tool. Oh never mind, you guys get the joke.

  16. KittyLiterati

    I hope there are horse tranquilizers and a straitjacket in that silver box.
    Mariah is a great singer, but her public persona is too over the top.

  17. Kate

    Mariah looks very very beautiful there.
    The Dog is not fake.

    Mariah is no fake to add to that, I’ve met her in real life shes as beautiful we see her on the magazines.

    I don’t know why so many people hate on Mariah, shes only blessed us with her amazing vocal abilities, and inspired thousands of mariah imitates…

    Stop believin bullcrap articles on her being a diva and so and so, all crap.

    When Mariah was in kosovo with the troops she didnt leave the place until every solider got her autograph.

    Shes made a MASSIVE comeback so you people need to stop hating on her.

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