It’s A Musical About Starvation And Execution!

ordinarypeople Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? You’ll have to check it out the next time your in Seoul.

As far as musicals go, seeing people break into song on subjects such as starvation and public executions in North Korea may be one of the most unlikely concepts for stage entertainment in several years. Producers held a preview in Seoul on Tuesday of the musical called “Yoduk Story” that features goose-stepping North Korean soldiers and deprived prisoners wondering if they can survive into the next day.

The musical is about a North Korean woman’s fall from a dancing revolutionary hero to a tortured inmate along with her family at Yoduk prison camp, where she bears a guard’s child, and learns to forgive her brutal captors. The production is meant to be an irony-free look at life in a North Korean prison camp that could change the way the North is depicted in South Korean entertainment.

Songs in the musical include “You are just like germs” and “All I want is rice.” The producers hope audiences can find beauty in the misery of life in the prison camps.

But “Yoduk Story” writer, director and North Korean refugee Jung Sung-san says South Korean audiences have never really gotten a taste of the atrocities committed at the notorious political prisons in the North he was lucky enough to escape after three months.

“This is not somebody else’s business. This is happening just a few hours from here,” Jung told reporters. “We want to convey the reality of what is happening.”

Les REALLY Miserables… [Reuters via Pop Culture Junkies]