It’s A Good Year For ‘Glee’

The kids these days seem to like this little show they call Glee.  Maybe one day I’ll check it out.

And it turns out that people don’t just love the show, they also love the music.  Glee’s latest album, ‘Journey to Regionals’, spanked some heavies on the Billboard Top 200 album chart, including the Eclipse soundtrack, Christina Aguilera, and sweet little Justin Bieber.

According to Billboard, there’s a simple formula to why the Glee albums do so well.  You’ve already heard the songs on the show, silly!  Who needs unpleasant surprises?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Glee is patiently awaiting a new guest star.  Her name is Charice and she’s an international pop star from the Philippines.  If you’ve heard of this chick then congratulations, you are a cultured citizen of the world who doesn’t watch Law and Order and read romance novels all day like me.  Your five bucks is in the mail.

Based on these pictures taken at the Canal Room in NYC on April 6th, Charice is pretty darn cute.  But I’ll be damned if I can explain what she’s doing besides maybe trying to sneak up on ghosts and/ or express her love of vagina.  Let’s chalk her up as cute and mysterious.  Whatever makes me sound like less of a bitch.