It’s Official: Pippa Middleton Isn’t Engaged

Pippa In Kate Spade
Middleton wore the brand's 'Garby' coat.
Rumors were spinning round and round and round (and then round again) about Pippa Middleton’s engagement to Nico Jackson.  Some media outlets, namely the Sunday People, reported that the announcement would follow Middleton’s 29th birthday last Friday.

“Pippa loved seeing Kate go down the aisle and now it is her turn for a ­fairytale wedding,” a so-called friend told the paper. “She couldn’t be more sure that Nico is the right man for her.”

Not so, according to both Middleton and her lawyers, who demanded certain outlets issue an apology for their false reporting.  The Daily Mirror did just that, retracting their story and replacing it with the following:

Last week we reported that Pippa Middleton was to marry her boyfriend Nico Jackson in spring and had got secretly engaged in June. We published this story in good faith based on two sources.

However, Pippa’s lawyers have informed us that she is not engaged and no engagement is imminent or planned. We apologise for our mistake.

Since Middleton is not a member of the royal family, the palace does not comment on her life, be it professional or personal.  Like Catherine did when she was dating Prince William, Middleton must deal with rumors and paparazzi issues as a private citizen.

If and when Middleton does walk down the aisle, Alice Temperley is up for designing her wedding gown.

Also, very good point by Blogtini on the rules of future consorts serving as matrons of honor.  Will investigate.