It’s Official! Katie Price & Leandro Penna Are Getting Hitched!

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Here’s to hoping that the third time is a charm for Katie Price!

The British glamour model has confirmed that she and Argentinian hottie, Leandro Penna, are now engaged. No word yet on how he proposed, but according to MailOnline it was during a recent skiing vacation. Fun fact: Katie still needs to finalize her divorce from cage fighter, Alex Reid.

 This is quite exciting since Katie vowed she would never marry again. Maybe it’s all part of her new plan to be more natural and normal. 

Or maybe it’s just cause Leandro is hot as shit. Like honestly, how did she bag that? In any case, she is trying to be more natural. Check out the video to hear all about how she’s dealing without her trademark extensions. 

So what do you think: does the third time sounds like it’ll finally work out? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!